In Virginia, there was a Commercial Real Estate Agent who was trying to get a leg up among the hundreds of other agents trying to get attention. Then a funny thing happened, he became “The Man With Square Feet” ® and has sold or leased 43 million square feet. That man was me!

I’ve done many things to become sort of famous. I run radio commercials. I do outdoor billboards and now people on the street ask me if I really have SQUARE FEET. I’ve been invited to speak at community affairs, sporting events, etc. because people are intrigued with my tagline and my success.

Then it dawned on me, why not lease this idea to agents who are facing the same challenges I did. It is a simple concept that will accelerate your top of mind awareness. Because it is so memorable and unforgettable, you will get phone calls. I did. As a matter of fact, I ran one week of radio and people immediately called and asked to “speak to the man with square feet.” I made enough to pay for the advertising for the rest of the year.

If you want to lease this program which includes the tagline and recommendations on creative media, business ideas to help grow your real estate business, networking and business referrals, call and let me know. I HAVE SECURED ALL THE FEDERAL REGISTRATIONS SO YOU WILL BE THE  EXCLUSIVE “AGENT WITH SQUARE FEET’® IN YOUR TERRITORY! There’s no commission SHARING involved. It’s a simple LICENSING  fee that’s affordable. CALL “THE MAN with SQUARE FEET” ® FOR ALL THE DETAILS.